You’ve taken the Actually Marketing Superpowers® Quiz to uncover your Marketing Superpowers®.

And now you have questions…

How can I use these Marketing Superpowers® to promote my business?

How can I find out more about my superpowers?

What’s the difference between my primary and secondary superpowers?

Can I access the other superpowers?

Well, we’ve got you covered!

Come along to this free 90-minute workshop to delve further into your Marketing Superpowers®.

Learn how to play to your strengths, in a way that works for YOU and for your potential clients, and get your questions answered.

This workshop is run LIVE roughly every other month so click the button below, choose a date that works for you and REGISTER now.




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A free LIVE 90-minute workshop to find out your Marketing Superpowers®. 

Learn how to play to your strengths and get clarity about how to promote your business in a way that feels comfortable and authentic for you AND your clients - without the 'ick' factor!

Please note that this workshop will NOT be recorded.