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A series of FREE Masterclasses drawing together the best Actually business and marketing training of the past five years.

Over the past five years, Team Actually has delivered 100s of workshops, Masterclasses and training sessions for the Actually community - helping start-up business owners, just like you, to make a living and make a difference in the world.

We are often asked to repeat earlier classes by people who missed them the first time or who attended but would like a refresher. So in this series, we bring together the best of those Masterclasses - updated and revised based on lessons learnt since - and we are offering them to you for FREE.

AND somebody at each Masterclass will win an Actually Power Hour - a 121 with a member of the team to help you sort out whatever business or marketing challenge you most need our help with - just for showing up!

See below for details of the last in the Actually the Best Masterclass series.

Masterclass #4: How to Actually Grow your Business without Facebook

Monday 5 February at 7pm

A FREE 2 hour workshop to help you to find ways to promote your business that feel comfortable, authentic and natural to you. So many people believe that they are bad at marketing - but they're not. They are just doing it in a way that feels bad to them....and which therefore creates a barrier between them and their potential clients. In this workshop we will free you from that and help you to understand how you can build a marketing approach that plays to your natural strengths.

"I recommend this so highly, it's changed how I approach growing my business at a foundational level... I think it's helped me give myself permission to promote in my own way, rather than try and follow a million contradictory Facebook 'rules'" (Anna Knight)